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Climate & Energy
LandServer Fact Sheet for Landowners
LandServer Fact Sheet for Agencies & Organizations
A Conservation Assessment Tool for Landowners, Producers, and Property Managers
LandServer screenshot
In four easy steps, a landowner can receive
an evaluation of their property's potential to
receive payments for implementing
conservation actions.

As landowners, producers, conservation organizations, and state and local governments in the Mid-Atlantic region move forward in their participation with ecosystem markets, LandServer is the key online mapping tool that will aid them in the process. This easy-to-use tool determines each landowner's eligibility in ecosystem markets and conservation programs, and provides a full report in just a few easy steps. Visit LandServer now!

LandServer provides farmers and woodland owners with a quick and easy natural resource assessment report, an evaluation of the property’s potential to receive payments for implementing conservation actions, and information on how to get started. In the Chesapeake, users will have access to the Bay Bank where credits can be generated and listed for potential buyers. State and local governments and conservation organizations will also benefit through LandServer’s ability to educate, update new GIS data easily, and provide helpful contact information to the user.

Landowners are able to:
  • Quickly and easily generate a natural resources assessment report for their property
  • Easily evaluate potential to enroll in valuable state and federal cost share programs.
  • Evaluate potential to receive payments for implementing land practices that enhance ecosystem services.
  • Save time by using the Bay Bank to generate ecosystem service credits, and list credits online for buyers.
LandServer also allows non-profit, government, and corporate organizations to better target their objectives by finding landowners and operators willing to implement conservation actions:
  • LandServer serves as an educational resource that raises the awareness of natural systems in providing valuable ecosystem services.
  • The LandServer database can be loaded with any state or local priority area GIS data that can then be included in the report to the user. This GIS data can include special resource areas, priority funding areas, wildlife action plan data, zoning, rural legacy, cost share programs, etc.
  • State and local governments with in-lieu fee responsibilities will have access to landowners interested in implementing practices through the Bay Bank marketplace.
LandServer is being piloted in the Chesapeake region currently, but will be expanded into other areas nationwide.

For more information, please contact Eric Sprague at esprague@pinchot.org, Pinchot Institute Program Director.
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