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The Role of Communities in Stewardship Contracting
Mar 15, 2013
Pinchot Institute releases FY 2012 report on stewardship contracts and agreements

Over the past twenty years, Stewardship End-Result Contracting (Stewardship Contracting) has evolved into what many believe to be an ideal tool for Federal land management in the 21st century—a flexible and efficient approach to accomplishing a diversity of on-the-ground work while supporting rural communities.  The number of Stewardship Contracts and agreements annually awarded by the USDA Forest Service has doubled in the last five years.  The Bureau of Land Management has also seen increased use, increasing the average size of projects more than three times since 2003.

The Forest Service now lists Stewardship Contracting as one of the main tools being used to “increase the pace and scale of restoration and improve both the ecological health of our forests and the economic health of forest-dependent communities" (Forest Service, 2012, Increasing the Pace of Restoration and Job Creation on Our National Forests).  As of December 2012, the Forest Service has 500 active stewardship contracts or agreements, 10 of which are 10-year contracts across entire landscapes. Also in 2012, the Forest Service announced its largest stewardship contract to date, a 300,000 acre project marking the beginning of implementation of Northern Arizona’s Four Forest Restoration Initiative  

This report, The Role of Communities in Stewardship Contracting: FY 2012 Programmatic Monitoring Report to the USDA Forest Service, conveys findings and recommendations from the FY 2012 Programmatic Monitoring and Evaluation of the role of local communities in the development and implementation of stewardship contracts and agreements on the National Forest System and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  

To download the reports from previous years visit:
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