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Pinchot focus areas:

Climate & Energy
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The public spends millions of dollars on technological replacements for services that lands provide naturally - such as drinking water filtration, storm water management, and flood mitigation. The Pinchot Institute works to examine the role forests play in water quality and to ensure the health and sustainability of those resources.

Green Farmland
Bay Bank
The future health of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed significantly depends on the actions of private landowners. In an effort to accelerate the restoration of the Bay, provide clean air, clean water and habitat, the Pinchot Institute is developing the Bay Bank to serve as the Chesapeake's conservation marketplace by coordinating market-based conservation on private lands. More>>
Farm irrigation
LandServer is a web-based natural resource assessment tool that allows landowners and operators to determine their eligibility for current and emerging ecosystem markets and traditional conservation programs. The Pinchot Institute is introducing this easy-to-use tool to help conserve natural lands and promote clean air, water and habitat.
Stream in Delaware Water Gap
Common Waters
The Delaware River is a critical resource, both for residents of the region and for the 15 million people who depend on it for their drinking water. The Pinchot Institute is bringing together regional stakeholders across the upper Delaware River Basin to implement innovative solutions to ensure that clean water, natural places, and working lands remain viable now and in the future.
Forested mountainsides
Conserving Chesapeake Forests
Forests play a critical role in protecting the health of the Bay. In response to a report published discussing the state of Chesapeake's Forest, the Pinchot Institute is working to develop policies that will conserve the forests of the Bay watershed.
Wildfire in underbrush
Protecting Colorado's Watersheds
Catastrophic wildfires can seriously affect local water supplies. The Pinchot Institute finalized a report assessing the magnitude of potential wildfire, forest health problems and hazards to watersheds along Colorado's Front Range.

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